Iferium Adventures

Synopsis Fall 08 & Spring 09

Your Previous Exploits!

This is a very brief summary of what the party has done so far. I plan to make it a little more detailed later, but hopefully Obsidian Portal will let you guys edit it so that you can tell the story from your point of view!

Quest 1 (July 2008) Party members: Matt, Caitlin, Dan, Jon

At a large festival, mysterious portals opened up and monsters emerged forth! The monsters attacked the festival goers and almost killed the governor of the city the Party is in. Not afraid of danger, the party fought some of the monsters and gained the attention of Governor Tarn Larsi and City Captain of the Guard Sasha Amistar.

Quest 2 (September 2008) Party members: Matt, Caitlin, Dan, Chuck, Zak, Caitlyn, Pat

At the request of Governor Tarn Larsi, the party went to the city of Agava to fetch the Baron there and return him to the Governor’s city (Itonia). Two things went wrong immediately, 1) the Baron was sick 2) Kobolds kidnapped the baron’s wife. The party rescued the Baroness, and several other people (Chuck, Zak, Caitlyn) from the Kobold’s Den. Also, a kobold named Teek, who was tormented by the other Kobolds, joined the party as the “mascot”. Once they returned to the city, the Baron was unconscious from a deadly curse, and his main advisor was trying to usurp the Baron’s power. However, the party managed to escape with the Baron and his family and return to Itonia.

Quest 3 (September 2008 ?) Party Members: Reduced from entire group… Chuck, Zak, Dan, Pat?

For the Governor’s next quest, the party travel south by boat and found and escorted a dwarf back to Itonia.

Quest 4 (WInter 2008 or spring 2009) Party Members: Matt, Caitlin, Dan, Chuck, Zak, Pat, Chris

The party travelled to the small town of Fairfield to retrieve a powerful artifact. The PC’s did not know this at the time, but the artifact was the physical manifestation of the spellplague! After retreiving the artifact, a giant orb, the party was infected with the spellplague (oh noes!)

Quest 5 (March / April 2009 ?) Party Members: Matt, Caitlin, Dan, Chuck, Zak, Caitlyn, Pat

The cities to the east have been enforcing terrible laws limiting the freedoms of non-humans. The PC’s ventured into one of these cities, Nasalor, and 1) Rescued a captured spy 2) found a women named Ember, who is an old friend of Governor Tarn 3) Inflitrated the Castle of the local ruler, Governor Radric, 4) stole another “plague orb” from his dungeon! Along the way, the PC’s had to deal with racist lynch mobs and a rival group of adventurers also looking for the orbs!



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