Iferium Adventures

Journey to Griffin's Roost

An icy menace...

Quest 6 (August 23, 2009) Party Members: Matt, Caitlin, Dan, Chuck, Zak, Pat

RP returned in a big fashion! The party adventured to city of Griffin’s Roost to find another plague orb there. Governor Tarn Larsi gave the party a compass which points the direction of the nearest spell orb to help them in this quest. The PC’s traveled south of the city through a blizzard (despite the fact it was July) and found a tower encased in ice. The PC’s entered the tower and found an orb on the roof. However, retrieving the orb was no easy task, since it manifested a physical shape—a giant frost wolf! The PC’s were victorious and returned to Itonia with the orb.

On a related note, the PC’s spellplague appears to be in a sort of stasis at the moment, however, the PC’s did find a concentrated source of spell plague (which Chuck dipped his hand into) so it is unknown how this will effect them.



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